Zululand FM Radio Station is the brainchild of Dr. B R Ngcobo, resulting in the doctors unwavering love and commitment to the community of Zululand at large. Just as in 2005, his commitment is demonstrated by the establishment of the non-profit organization, UBUHLE Be ESHOWE where the real needs of the people were addressed by means of clothing and much needed housing. In 2009 Dr. B R Ngcobo together with two of his colleagues, after years of planning and proofing took Zululand FM to the airwaves for the first time. This would be the turning point for all communities in Zululand for the first time in decades, the communities of Zululand now have a platform to be heard.

It is the mission of the radio station to become the flagship radio station of Zululand, representing every race creed and color. It is the objective of the radio station to uplift the social living standards of every community in Zululand. In spite of all the obstacles faced by our organization, we took the steps to establish Zululand FM as a legal entity and registered successfully on 25 June 2012. It has been from this point that we have grown from strength to strength, boasting a work force of thirty five dedicated employees. Our listenership has increased year on year.